A Third Degree and Tribute to Departed Merit – Poignant

Tuesday 21st April 2015 will be remembered by many, for many and some different reasons.

The morning saw many Lodge, Provincial and Sister Lodge Masons gather at the Grimsby Crematorium to say ‘goodbye’ to W. Bro. Peter Clarke PProvSGW who passed away on Good Friday, 3rd April, along with his family and other friends.

A simple ceremony, but unsurprising really as with the saying that we have in Freemasonry about ‘live respected, die regretted’, as this was Peter. He was quite simply a caring and nice man, and mason. There was much discussion amongst the brethren present that no-one could remember Peter ever saying or having a bad thought about anyone, ever.

Tuesday evening and the Lodge met at 6:30pm for its regular Lodge meeting. We started by hearing a passionate Eulogy from W. Bro. John Cox on W. Bro. Clarke before the tribute to departed merit.

Poignant was the Lodge meeting as we were performing a Third Degree, raising Bro. Paul Brecken to the sublime degree.

The ceremony was for all, a most enjoyable one despite the loss of Peter as we tried to deliver a ceremony that both Paul and Peter would be pleased with. Peter had been the Lodge’s Director of Ceremonies from 1989 for a number of years, setting a very high standard which has become synonymous with the Saint James Lodge.

Next month our Sister Lodge, the Apollo Lodge, will be joining us for a First Degree in May 2015. The Apollo Lodge meet at the Cleethorpes Masonic Hall on the same night as us except in May when they don’t meet so instead, they come to us, and we return the favour in December each year.